Dry Cleaning

dry cleaning

State-of-the-Art, Gentle Cleaning

Family and locally owned, Burke Cleaners is dedicated to cleaning your items with the utmost care, using state-of-the-art cleaning techniques. ​We are proud to be your local greener cleaner, and we clean your items without using harsh chemicals. Call563-322-3578 today.

Our Exceptional Cleaning Services

Stain Removal:
We know that there are different cleaning procedures and different types of dry-cleaning solvent in today’s confusing market. At Burke Cleaners, your clothes will be cleaned gently and carefully in the renowned “Sanitone” process. In addition, unwanted stains, that remain on your garments, will be removed by our experienced spotting technicians.

Professional Garment Cleaning:
Burke Cleaners uses state-of-the-art dry cleaning equipment to give your garments the proper and professional care that they deserve. We take great pride in making sure your clothes are cleaned and returned to you with bright colors and a perfect press … ready to wear!

We specialize in cleaning all types of delicate and new fabrics, from velvet skirts to down jackets.

Shirt Laundry:
Our shirt laundry is second to none! Your whites will be their whitest and your colors will be their brightest. Have them finished with or without starch and sent back to you on hangers or folded.

Suede, Leather and Fur Cleaning:
Bring your leather, suede and fur items to Burke Cleaners and we will send them to a professional leather cleaner who will gently clean and restore your garments, remove unwanted stains and return them to you with renewed color and feel.

We also offer a wide variety of alterations and repairs on leather and suede garments. Please allow extra time for the cleaning and repair process to be completed.

Expert Repairs and Alterations:
Is your wardrobe in need of some alterations or repairs? Let Burke Cleaners take care of your mending needs. We do a variety of alterations and repairs that will keep your clothes looking new and fresh.

Let our expert staff shorten or lengthen your hems on your trousers, skirts, dresses, and coats. Do you need a zipper repaired or replaced? Did you notice a seam that needs to be mended? Bring us all of your garments that need our special touch.

An on-site seamstress is available at four of our Quad City locations for personal fittings. Contact us to find the seamstress nearest you to make an appointment and check availability. The following locations have seamstresses on-site as well:

936 W. 4th Street – Davenport, IA
Phone: 563-322-3578

2450 Spruce Hills Dr. – Bettendorf, IA
Phone: 563-359-7579

3024 Avenue of the Cities – Moline, IL
Phone: 309-762-8834

5188 18th Avenue – Bettendorf, IA
Phone: 563-332-2166

Wedding Dress Cleaning:
Your wedding gown is one of your most precious possessions. It is a symbol of an important event in your life and as such should be treated with special care.

Burke Cleaners has over 50 years of experience in cleaning and finishing wedding gowns. All of the work is done in-house. Your gown will be hand cleaned and finished with the utmost care to give it all the attention it deserves. After the dress has been finished, we can get your dress ready for storage by packing it in acid-free tissue and placing it in a keepsake box.

It is recommended that after the wedding, you have your gown promptly cleaned before you store it away so invisible “Sugar Stains” do not set. These stains can be the source of brown spots on your dress, which become more difficult to remove over time.

Bedding and Household:
At Burke Cleaners, we can take care of all your household items. From comforters, bedspreads, and blankets to your feather pillows and fine bed linens, we take pride in cleaning these items and returning them to you fresh and professionally finished.

Table Linen Cleaning:
Whether it’s a tablecloth, napkins, placemats or a table runner, Burke Cleaners has the expertise to clean all of your table linens. We will get them spot-free and beautifully pressed so you can set a perfect table for each and every special occasion.

Drapery Cleaning:
Burke Cleaners uses the “Adjust-a-Drape” process. This special process will assure that your drapes and curtains are returned in like-new condition. Your drapes are measured before cleaning, and when this process is used, your drapes are returned to you with even hemlines and guaranteed length.

We offer a take down and re-hanging service for your draperies through our professional delivery staff. Call our corporate office at 563-322-3578 to schedule your appointment and FREE estimate. (Pickup and delivery available in the Quad City area only.)

Wash and Fold Custom Laundry:
No time to do laundry? Let Burke Cleaners take care of your personal laundry with our Custom Fluff and Fold Laundry Service. Looking good has never been easier!

Area Rug and Runner Cleaning:
Let Burke Cleaners expertly clean your rugs and runners! Bring them to our Davenport location at 936 W 4th St and we will send them to a professional rug cleaner who will gently clean and restore your rugs back to new. We do have some size restrictions; call 563-322-3578 for more information Monday-Friday 7 am to 6 pm. Take your small rugs (4×6 or smaller, unless extremely lightweight) to any store or call and schedule pickup and delivery! All large area rugs must be brought to 936 W. 4th Street, Davenport, Iowa 52802.

If you would like your large area rug(s) picked up and delivered back to you, you must call and make arrangements for this service; furniture moving and delivery charges may apply. (Pickup and delivery available in the Quad City area only.)

Fire Restoration:
Burke Cleaners has been in the preservation and restoration of fire-, smoke- and water-damaged garments for over 50 years. With more than 23 locations in Iowa and Illinois, we have been at the forefront of customer service, cleaning technology and garment restoration. Our 28,000-sq.-ft. cleaning facility is equipped to handle the largest order.

Premium Sheet Finishing Service:
Slip into bed and enjoy the luxury of a crisp, smooth sheet with our Premium Sheet Finishing Service. Your sheets are soaked overnight, gently washed and then put through our professional ironer for an ultra-smooth finish! Try it once and you will never wash your sheets at home again!

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