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Welcome to June! It’s finally summer!

As June arrives, we’re excited for beautiful weather, longer days, and the start of summer adventures. Many of us will set off on much-anticipated trips, trek to our house at the beach or lake, set out for a camping adventure, or send our kids off to summer camp. Even if you’re not traveling, we hope you’re able to find hometown fun, or at the very least, a favorite spot to beat the heat. 

As the temperature increases, so too does the time we spend outdoors. That means a growing pile of pool towels, picnic blankets, and table and cushion covers filling your laundry basket. But that doesn’t have to mean more work for you. From food or grass stains, to sweat and sunscreen, to berry juices and BBQ meals, you can count on us to remove and prevent even the toughest stains and handle your largest loads of laundry so you can focus on enjoying all the fun and excitement of the season. 

This June, we wish the dads out there a Happy Father’s Day. It’s your day to shine (or grill, or golf, or make corny jokes – you choose). Your dad style is something to be proud of – whether you dress up or dress down. Make sure you keep it real!

Enjoy the first month of summer, eat lots of ice cream, stay hydrated, give the dads and father-figures in your life a high five, and leave the tough cleaning to us. We’re here to keep your home and clothing in great shape for whatever June may bring.

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