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Welcome to Burke Cleaners, where convenience meets quality. As a family-owned and locally operated business, we understand the importance of simplifying your life. With our free pickup and delivery service, you can enjoy the ultimate convenience of having your garments or home fabrics cleaned without the added trip to the cleaners!

Payment is made easy with direct billing to major credit cards you register within your personalized customer profile, and our mobile service makes it easy to schedule a pickup or delivery and track the status of your items on the go.

Simple LOG IN to begin or schedule your service today!

Alternatively, feel free to call us at (563) 322-3578 with any questions or email us directly at

Experience the pinnacle of dry cleaning convenience today by joining our free pickup and delivery service - where excellence meets effortless living.
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Q: Is there any extra cost or membership fee?
A. No, you pay our regular in-store prices. There are no additional fees.
Q: Where are my clothes picked up and delivered?
A. At your front door or another suitable weather-protected location.
Q: How do I let you know that I have an order to pick up?
A. There is no need to call. Just put your bag out on your pickup day.
Q: Is there a minimum order?
A. No need to wait for a bag full of dirty clothes. Any amount is fine.
Q: What do I put my clothes in?
A. We will provide you with 2 Burke Reusable Home Delivery Bags.
Q: Do I have to be there when the pickup and delivery are made?
A. No. Your delivery driver will provide service to your pre-determined location.
Q: When will my clothes be picked up and dropped off?
A. Upon sign-up, you will receive a call to schedule your pickup and drop-off days. Pickup days will be either Monday-Thursday or Tuesday-Friday.
Q: What about the Holidays?
A. We will inform you about schedule changes for pickup and delivery during holiday weeks. Email notification is best.
Q: What do I do with all my extra hangers?
A. If you would like to recycle your hangers, we will provide you with a hanger recycle caddy. When you fill it up, leave it with your order and your driver will pick it up.
Q: What do I do about a special request?
A. Just leave a detailed note in your bag with your request. Please identify the specific garment along with your special instructions.
Q: What do I do if I have a problem when I get my clothes back?
A: For prompt assistance, call us at (563) 322-3578, or contact us online. 
Do you do alterations?
A. Yes. For alterations, pin the instructions to the garment that needs alterations. Return times can vary depending on the complexity of the alteration.
Q: How do I pay for the service?
A. Your cleaning will be charged directly to your credit card.
Q: How do you keep my credit card information safe?
A. We use the latest encryption and authentication services for all of our web transactions so that your credit card information remains safe.
Q: How do you keep my credit card information safe?
A: Email us at or call us at (563) 322-3578